Queer Closet


About Queer Closet

CDI's Queer Closet is a donation-based free resource for Ringling College's students, staff and faculty to find clothing and accessories that match their gender identities and ultimately create an affirming experience for all genders and bodies!

Chest Binders Request

What are binders?

Binders are used for breast/chest binding by using constricting materials that flatten the chest area. Chest binders are predominately used by transgender and non-binary individuals to affirm their gender expression.

The Center for Diversity & Inclusion's Queer Closet aims to provide affirming clothing and accessories for all gender identities at no cost. Therefore, the CDI is working to provide chest binders for students. Please fill out the request form below if interested (Limited Budget, so FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE). Read carefully the "Binder Safety" section. 

_Binder Safety Instructions.png